responsive screensOnda Blu is synonymus with italian style and passion witha totally co-ordinated look for furnishing your home.

For over 10 years Onda Blu has served it's customers with specially designed collections using it's own in-house design and styling departments. Special attention is paid to quality and innovation for cotton terry towels, quilts, table sets and much more.

Created in the heart of the Val Gandino textile centre the company started out as a family business and developed into a group of companies covering over 30.000 square mts of production space.There is no secret behind the success: The desire to do our best, to organise and plan carefully, to continually invest in technology and machines, to anticipate and follow the requests of the market, have all contributed to create the company into what it is today.
Onda Blu Textile is comprised of various production groups all managed by the Bertasa family; being directly responsible for each department with one general manager guiding and directing daily operations.

For 80% of the manufacturing, Onda Blu uses Cotton as its base fibre. Towelling products are the foundation of the company. The vertical planning of all the manufacturing cycles allows the company to contain costs, guarantee quality and deliver orders efficiently and quickly based on customer requirements.

Woven Cotton fabrics are also important for sheeting and flannel, also used for rugs and quilts. The company operates 3 different printing processes.

The main strength of the company lies in the innovative and stylish design of our products known throughout Europe under the brands Onda Blu and Maria Fiorente.



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